Become a California Licensed Private Investigator without going to school or working for someone else. Get your PI License, start your own company and learn on the job!

In order to start your own private investigative business, you must first accumulate 6,000 hours working under a licensed PI, even if you have already attended school. This takes approximately 3 years (assume 2,000 hours per year) during which time you typically make minimum wage.

The fastest way is to hire me (Todd Taylor, LPI) as your Qualified Manager (QM) and you can start your own PI business in about 4 months. As your QM, I will mentor you while you earn the hours required to obtain your own license, help you run your own business and you keep 100% of your fees. I have over 25 years of experience running a PI Company and helping thousands of clients in addition to training other PI’s.


The application process to the state of CA typically takes about 4 months While you wait for approval, I will prepare you to become a Private Investigator and teach you how to build your own private investigative business. You will establish your company as a sole proprietorship, LLC or Corporation. I am NOT listed as an owner, partner or officer and do not maintain any ownership or financial interest in YOUR COMPANY. Your State application will list me as your QM so you will operate YOUR BUSINESS under my PI license. While your license is pending approval, I will provide training, both online and in person when necessary. Once your license is issued by the State, you will be able to access the databases (including DMV) that are only accessible to licensed private investigators. I will support you every step of the way so that you will be all set to start bringing in your own clients and charging competitive rates for your services that result in a much higher income than if you were to be working for someone else.

Once your license is issued by the State, I will continue to mentor and guide you every step of the way for the next 3 years. No prior experience is necessary to get started and, as your Qualified Manager, I will be responsible for your actions as a Private Investigator until you obtain your 6,000 hours. Once you take and pass your test, you will remove me from your license. This is not a school; this is me personally mentoring you on how to become a PI and how to operate and market yourself and YOUR BUSINESS.


I charge a flat fee to assist you with the licensing process which can be paid up front or in two or three installments. The first installment is due when we get started and the final installment is due upon issuance of your PI license. I also charge a nominal monthly fee that you only pay for the next 36 months while you complete your hours and prepare to take the licensing exam. Once you’ve passed the exam and removed me as the QM from your license, you will be on your own but I will always be just a phone call away.

If you are interested in establishing your own business as a Private Investigator or if you just have questions about the process or if you would like additional information on my fee structure, you may call me at 805-579-8184 or email me directly at Feel free to check out my business website as well at


Most private investigators charge between $100 – $150 an hour or more depending on the services they provide. Flat rates are quoted for skip tracing, backgrounds, etc. A good PI can make a 6-figure income.

California is one of the easiest states when it comes to obtaining a Private Investigator’s license as the whole process is very straightforward.

You must 18 years of age to obtain a Private Investigator’s license.

You may not have a Criminal Record. This includes any civil convictions of fraud or deceit. You cannot have any criminal offenses in your background and must submit to a full government background check, including a Live Scan.

If you already have a law degree or a bachelor’s degree in police science, social justice, criminal law, or the equivalent from an accredited institution, you are given credit for 2,000 hours of equivalent experience so only need an additional 4,000 hours or about 2 additional years of experience working as a PI.

There are some other acceptable prior work experiences that may qualify you to forego some of the hours required to obtain your license. They are:

· Sworn law enforcement officer

· Military police officer

· Arson Investigator

· Investigator working under a licensed PI who is also a Qualified Manager

· Working under an attorney as an inside investigator

· Working for a repossession firm or insurance agency as an investigator

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